Vetle B. Berlin, Game Designer


I like games so much I wanna make 'em


Vetle B. Berlin

Professional Work (including projects)

2018 – 2019: Rockpocket Games (Moons of Madness, misc. game pitches for future use)


2015 – 2018:  Bachelor in Game Design, Westerdals Oslo ACT

2011 – 2012:  Lundheim Folkehøgskole, spesialisering IT og matlaging

2010 – 2011:  Påbygning, medier og kommunikasjon ved Drømtorp vgs

Modules completed during Game Design Bachelor

Audiovisual Storytelling

Cross-Platform Design

Digital Art for Designers

Entrepeneurship & Understanding the Industry

Game Design 1

Game Design 2

Game Production

Game Prototyping

Games Industry & Marketing


History and Analysis 1 (film history/analysis)

History and Analysis 2 (game history/analysis)

Leveldesign 1

Leveldesign 2


Programming for Designers

System Design

2D Game Project

3D Game Projects

Software I Am Proficient In

Coding Language: C#

Game Engines: Unity(any version), Unreal Engine 4, Twine

Art Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Movie Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

3D-Modeling Program: Autodesk Maya

Texturing Tool: Substance Painter 2

Most enjoyable aspect of game design (according to myself)

Narrative Design

Other info:

Born in 1992, my first big encounters with games were the N64 and Gameboy with Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Pokemon: Blue Version. While the GameCube was when I REALLY got into games as something other than buttonmashing, the games I mentioned certainly formed many of my expectations when it comes to games in general. 

My workstation outside of school

My workstation outside of school



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